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Weekly I Ching: 56 Lu, The Wanderer

Israel Pasos

In this enlightening episode of the Weekly I Ching, we explore the profound wisdom of Hexagram 56 - Lou, The Wanderer. This episode delves into the universal desire for security in work, love, and the journey toward expanded awareness. Yet, beneath this quest for safety, lies a deeper, more turbulent call - the fire of passion within each of us, urging us to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

This week, the Oracle bestows upon us the enigmatic wisdom of Gua 56, Lu the Wanderer.

All share the desire for safety and to feel secure in work, love, and on the journey to expanded awareness. At this point in our planetary evolution, take a moment to reflect on your efforts to accomplish security and peace of mind. It looks from the outside that you have done well, yet in your depths you do not feel this way.

You are spurred by the fire burning in your heart. It is the fire of passion, and the work now is to recognize it and allow it to take you to new heights. Herein lies the question, what is my passion? Dissatisfaction can feel disturbing, yet it is a needed impetus that challenges you to deepen your knowledge of yourself and to find the truth of who you are and why you have incarnated at this precarious moment in time.

This hexagram contains a two part message. Take time to look at the truth your inner wisdom has been bringing to the forefront, and with this knowledge you are being challenged to move into the unknown, the unfamiliar. While the outer view looks good and indicates that you are free, when you move to the inner journey you will find, through honest and sometimes brutal self assessment, that there are many places where you have bartered your own truth for safety, place, or gain.

This is imprisonment, and likely along with it you have shielded your heart from being fully capable of giving and receiving love. When risk is inevitable, we inevitably try to assess which move is the least risky. However, at this point in your personal evolution, it's not about choosing the least dangerous risk, as the hexagram, Lu, is challenging you to take the most risky path.

This is the road of the spiritual warrior, where you recognize the heat burning within, causing your mind and heart to race. Move off your position of safety and complacency and take the leap, no matter how dangerous it may seem. You are in your comfort zone. You know something is missing. The missing piece is waiting for you, concealed in the unknown.

Going on a journey of discovery is best accomplished by moving away from the familiar. It's hard to break old patterns and see things with a fresh perspective if you allow yourself to settle into the same old familiar groove. All the good work you have done has led to this time of the quest. The quest is an ancient tribal ritual.

There is the quest to find a longed for teacher, a sage. There is the vision quest, the quest for mindfulness, and the quest for love. If you choose to avoid the time of the quest, you are doomed to remain in that dent in the sofa, repeating the old patterns that have not worked out very well. The act of traveling is vital if you wish to arrive at the realizations that await you.

Whether it's a day trip, a getaway that takes days or more, or a metaphorical trip, the important thing is that you go somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere you have never been before or do not know very well. It is in unknown territory that you can clear your mind and quiet the voice of doubt. Attitude is everything when traveling.

Remain modest and know that you will be moving on. Be willing to drop preconceived ideas and enter an open state of mind, which can lead you to some very real places. On the road, less travelled, is where you'll be able to find the clarity that will allow you to gain knowledge of exactly what's been lacking in your life and the lie you bought into that has held you back from your bliss.

When the Wanderer appears, it signifies that you have arrived at a dynamic time of transformation. In this place you will see that what you have desired is not only within reach, it is moving toward you, just as you move toward it. At this point, there is no need to strive, just make yourself still and be ready to receive.

It's already there, waiting for you. What allows you to be ready to receive is contained in the instructions given in this hexagram. Reach for your inner fire, your passion, and step away from the familiar so you can think more clearly and in a different way. Let go of the same old ways of doing business and being in relationships that have fed just a part of you and have not truly touched your sacred core.

When you choose this journey, the ego may try to convince you that things are just fine, they're good enough, but you know in your heart of hearts they aren't good enough. You deserve more. The journey to the Inner Sage is not a holiday excursion or an escape. Its purpose is to call on your inner fire, your passion for life, which will supply you with all the fuel you need for the quest.

In practice, following these instructions is not difficult. It's summoning the courage to take the initial risk, that's the hardest part, the first step. After that, all will fall into place, and you will be free and turned on by your passion, and will attract people and situations that meet your passion.

We need your clarity and passion for the truth now more than ever before, as the world is in an epic transition. Take the risk as a warrior of consciousness and truth telling

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