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Radiant Living #9: How to shine in a world full of ego

Krystal Ariel

Welcome to the 9th Sunday edition of Radiant Living!

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This week, we navigate the profound waters of humility and the beauty of maintaining a beginner's mind. In an age where ego often takes the front seat, and many strut through life wearing the "know-it-all" badge (I have, too – let's be honest), it becomes crucial to remember the wisdom in being humble.

Do you recall our discussion on planning from last week? As you prepare for the future, humility will prepare your mind to learn and grow. Adopting a beginner's mind opens the door to endless possibilities. This will give you an unfair upper hand as you sidestep the pitfalls of pride and arrogance.

In a world where many stand tall with inflated egos, perhaps the most revolutionary act is to bow your head in humility and acknowledge there's always more to learn.


5 Ways to Embody Humility

  1. Wise words from a Japanese Sōtō Zen monk. ​
  2. Listen more, speak less. Do you talk too much? Take the quiz.
  3. Do you know what intellectual humility is?
  4. I love a good TedTalk – and this one is important!
  5. Take off your "adult" costume and be like a child. (use captions if needed)

Embracing humility frees us from the heavy chains of ego. It allows us to navigate the world with lightness and an open heart. Just as the beginner's mind sees countless opportunities where others see none, a humble heart feels a deeper connection to the universe.

Reflect upon the insightful Zen saying: "In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind, there are few." By adopting this approach, not only do we grow as individuals, but we also enrich the world around us with our compassionate presence.

This week, challenge yourself to view the world through fresh eyes. Drop the weight of knowing everything and experience the liberation of learning anew. Always remember, true wisdom is recognizing how much you DO NOT know and how much more there still is to learn.


Sending love and light your way, radiant friend 🫶🏻



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