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Radiant Living #5: Mornings like whoa

Krystal Ariel

Welcome to the 5th Sunday edition of Radiant Living! This week, I’m sharing morning hacks curated by a few renowned health and wellness professionals; mostly Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist from Stanford.

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All of these “hacks” have been tried and proven by me. I am not sharing anything that I have not tried myself, just because I found it on the internet and it seemed like a cool idea, no.

I personally do these things every day and you know what? The proof is in the pudding ✨


5 Morning Habits

  1. Do Not Touch Your Phone Right When You Wake Up: Despite all the memes, videos, and podcasts, I continued to do so. Recently I stopped. Jim Kwik thinks you should, too.
  2. Wake Up and Meditate in Bed Instead: Set a timer for 5 minutes (or for as long as you want). While meditating at any time is beneficial, morning meditation does this…
  3. Delay Caffeine by 90 Minutes After Waking Up: I was not happy about this part. BUT! the science made sense so I decided to give it a whirl and I did notice the difference.
  4. Drink a Glass of Hot Water Instead: If you follow me on IG, I mentioned this yesterday. My morning glass of water has changed thanks to Andrew Huberman’s inspiration. He drinks his water with LMNT packets but I make my own.
  5. Expose Your Eyeballs to Natural Sunlight: The sunlight is so important and the early morning sunlight is the best kind to soak up. If you’re like me, and you nerd out on science and anatomy, you’re gonna gobble this up.

Changing habits and routines that we are comfortable with can be difficult but as my husband, Israel said the other day, “Wow. You don’t realize that you are operating at such a low capacity until you make a change and the quality of your life drastically improves!” Get out of your comfort zone, it’s so worth it.

If you try any of these hacks, and it changes your life – I want to know. Send me a message and share your findings.

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