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Radiant Living #4: Slower is better!

Krystal Ariel

Here’s why… Welcome to the 4th Sunday edition of Radiant Living. This week, we’re talking about the benefits of [s l o w i n g d o w n].

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Going slow is another superpower. The entire world is in an awful rush and what happens when you rush? You make mistakes! Have you ever…

  • Hurried through washing dishes, dropped one, and it broke? 😬
  • Frantically sent an email and then realized there was an error? 🫣
  • Engaged in any conversation or activity, and in your need for speed, ultimately F-ed it up? 💀

Did you say yes to one or all of these? We’ve all been there and those are small examples. But what does it look like when we add up each of those instances, and rush through our lives?


5 Reasons to Think, Speak, Act, & Live SLOWER

You’re gonna want to watch/read all of these!

1. If you often feel the need or pressure to speed up, here’s why you should slow down.

2. “Rushing not only robs us of the pleasure of the present, it wreaks havoc on how we treat others.”

3. “When we focus on speed, we may blindly follow a path that may not be the most efficient one to reach our goals.” Instead, focus on being intentional.

4. Did he say slow sex? Yum! 🤤 Carl Honoré, author of “In Praise of Slowness,” talks about how to create a slow home and enable ourselves to play, work, eat, and live slower.

5. Slow living tips for busy people by one of my favs, Malama Life.

In a nutshell, slowing down helps us to reduce stress, make clearer decisions, eat consciously, improve communication, and increase the overall quality and LENGTH of our lives!


Take 5 minutes, slow down, and breathe with me.

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