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Radiant Living #13: Make More Friends

Krystal Ariel

Welcome to the 13th Sunday edition of Radiant Living!

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From the mindful practice of eating, we now transition to a theme that's equally nourishing but in a different way: "Social Connections." This week, we're talking about the art of making friends and cultivating meaningful friendships.

While we're all busy with our lives and running around, it's easy to forget the importance of real, human connections. Friendships enrich our lives, provide support, and create joy. But how do we forge these connections and make them last?

Hear it from the expert: Watch the Interview with Mindfulness Expert, Manola Pérez Canto and download the checklist.


5 Tips to Make More Friends:

  1. Be Open to New Experiences. Attend different events, and join clubs or groups that align with your interests. When you are open to new experiences, this puts you in a position to meet diverse individuals.
  2. Listen More. Good friends are great listeners. Show genuine interest in other people’s stories. Listening builds deeper connections, and understanding, and makes the other person feel heard.
  3. Quality Over Quantity. It’s about having meaningful connections, not just a large number of acquaintances. Nurture the friendships that truly resonate with you. According to Dunbar's Number, that's 150. What do you think?
  4. Be Your Authentic Self. Authenticity attracts. Be true to yourself in your interactions; this helps form connections with people who resonate with your true self.
  5. Stay in Touch. It's crucial to make an effort to maintain friendships. Regular check-ins, whether through messages or meet-ups, keep the friendship thriving. This is especially true for those of us who are travelers.

Manola’s full interview is brimming with more insights and practical tips, so don't miss out on watching it.

Remember, friendships are like gardens; they require attention, care, and time to flourish. This week, take a step towards nurturing your current friendships and perhaps planting the seeds for new ones.


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