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Radiant Living #12: Mindful Eating

Krystal Ariel

Welcome to the 12th Sunday edition of Radiant Living!

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We've journeyed from the stillness of "doing nothing" to the rhythm of "consistency," and now it's time to turn our attention inward to something we do every day: eating. This week, let's explore the transformative practice of "mindful eating."

Eating is a necessity, but it can also be a ritual that nourishes not just our bodies but our souls. When we eat mindfully, we are fully present with every bite, savoring the taste, appreciating the nourishment, and acknowledging our body's cues.

Here it from the expert: Watch the Interview with Clinical Nutritionist, Jess Zadra.


5 Ways to Savor Mindful Eating:

  1. Intentional Nourishment. Begin each meal with intention. Set the stage for a tranquil dining experience by removing distractions. This means sitting down at a table, turning off the TV, and putting away electronic devices.
  2. Chew with Awareness. Consciously chew your food more times than usual. This practice aids digestion and allows you to fully taste and enjoy the flavors in your meal. Notice how the texture changes, and savor the nuances.
  3. Quality over Quantity. Choose quality foods that genuinely satisfy your palate and your body’s needs. Opt for fresh ingredients and take the time to prepare them with care. A lovingly prepared dish is often more satisfying and promotes mindful consumption.
  4. Reflective Eating. After each meal, take a moment to reflect. How do you feel? Satisfied, energized, or sluggish? Reflecting on the effects of your meal can help you make more mindful choices in the future.
  5. Cultivate a Mindful Kitchen. The act of mindful eating starts with how we approach our kitchen and food preparation. Create a peaceful, organized space for cooking, and engage fully with the process, from chopping to plating.

By integrating these practices into your daily routine, you'll find that mindful eating becomes second nature, transforming each meal into a moment of connection with your body, your food, and the world around you.


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