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Lost and Found

Krystal Ariel

In this post, we explore what it means to feel lost, recognizing it as a disconnection from our inner self and divine guidance. Drawing inspiration from the caterpillar's transformative journey into a butterfly, we emphasize the power of silence, stillness, and patient self-discovery. Through embracing solitude and turning inwards, we can reconnect with our true essence, listening to the gentle call that beckons us towards our destined metamorphosis.

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The Journey from Caterpillar to Butterfly

Have you ever paused and wondered, "What does it mean to feel lost?" The sensation of being adrift, untethered from direction and purpose, plagues many. Today, as I inked my thoughts on paper, an epiphany dawned: perhaps to feel lost is to lose touch with oneself and the divine guidance that often subtly navigates us.

Disconnected from the Divine

When we are deeply connected to our core and the universe, we do not fear the uncertainty of the future. Even if we do not know our next step or where our path might lead, that feeling of being "lost" remains absent. This is because a profound bond with our inner self and the divine offers unwavering guidance.

But how do we often find ourselves feeling lost? The clamor of society, the well-intentioned yet misplaced guidance from those around us—many of whom are equally lost—can bury our authentic selves. It's like sheep leading sheep, the blind guiding the blind.

The Power of Silence and Stillness

So, how does one find their way back? The key, I believe, lies in embracing silence and stillness. It is impossible to tune into our inner voice amidst the cacophony of external influences. Take a step back, and separate yourself from the crowd, even if temporarily. Embrace your inner hermit without fear or reservations.

The Metamorphosis: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Consider the journey of a caterpillar. To transform into a butterfly, it does not remain in its old habits. It isolates itself, constructing a cocoon, its chrysalis. While most butterflies undergo transformation between 5 to 21 days, some wait patiently for up to three years, awaiting the perfect conditions. Their patience underscores a vital lesson: never rush your process.

In this protective sanctuary, the butterfly-to-be isn't concerned about its peers. Its sole focus is transformation. This metamorphosis carries a lesson for us—separate, find quiet, embrace stillness, and then embark on your journey towards your true self.

Finding Your Way Back

There are numerous pathways to reconnection. Meditation, breathwork, and nature immersion can be profound tools. Imagine a solo trip to the beach, basking in the glow of sunrise. Or a quiet night in your backyard, lit only by the moon, devoid of the distractions of technology or conversation. In these moments, if you listen closely, you'll hear a still, small voice calling you home.

Reflect & Integrate

Reflection: Think of a time when you felt truly connected with yourself. What were the circumstances? What has changed since then?

Task: Dedicate a small portion of your day—just 10 minutes—to absolute stillness. Choose a location, whether it's a quiet room, your backyard, or a local park. Turn off your phone, shut out distractions, and simply be. Breathe, observe, and listen. Seek that still, small voice within, and let it guide you toward the path you're meant to tread.

Remember, transformation is not an overnight occurrence. But with patience, dedication, and introspection, you will find your wings and soar to heights you've always dreamt of. 🦋

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