Radiate Coaching For

Well-Being Seekers

A 90-day, 1-on-1 coaching program for women seeking to break free from toxic habits and adopt a more balanced lifestyle.

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Empowering extraordinary
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“You don't even feel like you're being taught. You just feel you're being given this amazing knowledge that everybody should have.”

Ray L.
Ray L.

“More healing than I would have expected was possible. Everything exceeded my expectations completely.”

Kim K.

A dirty secret

10 years ago, I was an addict...

Advocating for wellness but behind closed doors, I was self-destructing. My choices and habits led me further away from experiencing well-being in my body, mind, and life. I was trapped in a cycle, unsure of how to break free.

Physical Toll
Smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, and binging alcohol on the weekends. It wasn't just mental agony, I was damaging my vessel! At night I would wheeze, my face looked tired, and I was unhappy with my body.
Emotional Strain
Internally, I wrestled with guilt, shame, and regret. The emotional weight was heavy, often making me isolate from loved ones. But instead of dealing with the root of my issues, I kept drowning them.
Strayed from my path
I lost sight of my purpose. Facing the truth was a challenge I wasn't prepared for. I didn't want to admit that the very vices I thought were helping me, were blocking me from everything I ever wanted.
Hit rock bottom
Sometimes you gotta hit it in order to break free. Luckily, I didn't fall too hard and was able to heed the warning signs before things got worse. I was finally ready to make a change but I didn't know how.

Be gentle with yourself

I know what it's like to carry the weight of shame and how to release it

The burden of past mistakes or societal expectations can overshadow the present, affecting your overall well-being.

Here's how I'll support your journey to self-forgiveness:

Practice Compassionate Reflection.
Understand that everyone has moments of weakness. Embracing self-compassion allows you to view mistakes as lessons, not defining moments.
Flow with Life's Rhythm.
Accept the natural ups and downs of life. Recognize that just as the river's flow changes, so do our emotions and experiences.
Seek Moments of Stillness.
Dedicate time to inner reflection and meditation. By connecting with your inner self, you'll find the strength to heal and move forward.
Krystal Ariel, radiating confidence and positivity, symbolizing the journey from fear to empowerment.

Be well today

I know what is like to keep delaying your well-being

Postponing self-care often comes at the expense of your joy and vitality. It's time to break free from the cycle of delay. Together, we'll prioritize your well-being, igniting a ripple effect of positive change in every facet of your life.

Here's how we'll work together:

Identify Priorities.
Pinpoint key areas of your well-being that need attention. Together, we'll develop a personalized plan to address them.
Build Sustainable Habits.
Create a manageable routine that promotes lasting wellness. Together, we’ll incorporate healthy practices into your daily life.
Monitor and Adapt.
Track your progress and adjust as needed. Together, we'll ensure your well-being journey aligns with your evolving needs.
Krystal Ariel confidently standing with crossed arms, embodying the strength and self-assurance that comes from embracing one's brilliance and potential.t

Become unstoppable

You are less likely to achieve your goals without a plan

A solid plan, paired with discipline, is your blueprint for success. It transforms lofty goals into reachable milestones.

You'll get access to the Radiate Vault – a repository of all our sessions, insights, feedback, strategy, plans, action steps, and milestones.

For our structured plan, we instill a disciplined approach that propels you toward your desired outcomes.

Craft Your Plan
Break down your goals into actionable steps and create a roadmap tailored to your objectives.
Build Consistency
Develop a routine that aligns with your plan, reinforcing daily discipline and forming habits that drive progress.
Track and Adjust
Monitor your adherence to the plan, make necessary adjustments, and ensure your path remains aligned with your evolving goals.
Krystal Ariel diligently working at her laptop in a cozy home environment, embodying the discipline and planning required to become unstoppable in achieving goals.

A Radiate planning session.

Radiate in 90-days

I'll keep you on your toes

Three months might seem like a short time, but it's enough to spark meaningful change. I'll be with you every step of the way; guiding you, challenging you, and cheering you on.

Krystal teaching a yoga class at Lululemon
Krystal teaching a yoga class on the heliport of the St. Regis Hotel
Krystal and Laura Burkhart in San Francisco

Here's what we'll do

A seed symbolizing the ignition of aspirations, where dreams evolve from vague concepts into tangible targets.Modern building architecture colored
Spark Your Vision

Ignite Your Aspirations

Get clear on what you want and what will light up your path. This is where dreams take shape, solidifying vague notions into tangible targets.

A photo of a small plant representing the deep connection to the motivation that drives ambition and the essence of lasting commitment.Modern building architecture colored
Illuminate Intent

Find Motivation Behind Ambition

Dig deeper and connect to the why that will take you the distance. Understanding this key element can be the difference between fleeting interest and lasting commitment.

Blueprint image denoting the crafting of strategies, turning abstract visions into actionable tasks step by step.Modern building architecture colored
Prism of Plans

Build Actionable Strategies

Reverse engineer the pieces required to get you there. With a well crafted strategy, the abstract becomes actionable, converting aspirations into step-by-step tasks.

A medium sakura tree representing the stage that Modern building architecture colored
Spectrum of Structure

Organize & Align Energies

Lay out the blueprint and systematically schedule your action plan. A well-structured approach ensures that no energy is misdirected, optimizing every effort for maximum impact.

A majestic sakura tree representing the luminous individual, embodying their finest self in alignment with their aspirations and goals.Modern building architecture colored
Radiant Reflections

Become The Luminous Self

Who is the shining version of you that aligns with your aspirations? It's an invitation to grow, to evolve, and to embody the finest version of yourself, in harmony with your goals.

Radiate Coaching gives you easy tools and a simple map. All you need is to step into the life you dream of.
What's holding you back?

Trust the Journey, Trust Yourself

I know this is a big step. If you're feeling nervous and wondering if this is for you, I get it – I was once you. Together, we'll make this the best decision you've ever made.

90-Day Radiate Coaching

A high-paced holistic program designed to make every part of your existence radiate. Real steps, personalized guidance, and tangible results. Whether you're aiming to grow in your career, find balance in your personal life, prioritize your health, or unearth your purpose, this program is built to help you get there.

With each session, you'll find yourself moving closer to your aspirations, embodying a sense of fulfillment and vibrancy in all that you do.

What’s included

Krystal on a call with one of her clients
  • Weekly 1 on 1 coaching
  • Daily accountability access
  • Monthly group coaching
  • The Radiate Vault®
  • Access to all of Krystal's online and live trainings
  • Continuous support & energy attunement


  • Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners – YA Certificate YACEP Course ($199 value)
  • Build Better Habits Guide
  • Digital Marketing Guide
  • Strength Training Sequence


Limited Availability

Due to the nature and intensity of the program, I only have a certain amount of vacancies each month.

3Spots left
in December

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Backed by my 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t experience a positive shift in 21 days, I'll return your money with no questions asked.

Krystal Ariel smiling confidently, dressed in a stylish black dress and gray coat, embodying her diverse experiences from yoga to digital marketing

About me

I'll walk by your side

Stanford Medicine logo
Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hour Yoga Alliance badge
Yoga Alliance Continous Education badge

From yoga mats to digital marketing, I've journeyed through diverse paths. I hold certifications from Stanford University in Wellness & Stress Management and Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness. I'm a 500-hour registered and certified yoga teacher and over the past decade, I've shared the benefits of yoga and meditation with many.

In the corporate realm, I was head of marketing for a UK-based software company. I also ran my own company in the digital marketing space, helping small businesses in their automation journey. I hold certifications and expertise in Mailchimp, Keap, Klaviyo, and ConvertKit.

I've collaborated with brands like ADIDAS, WeWork, Lululemon, St. Regis, The Westin, and Manduka.

When I'm not guiding or mentoring, you'll find me traveling or enjoying the serene life in Mexico with my husband, Israel, and our two furry friends.