Start your day feeling delicious. Get your body and mind in shape while you invigorate your soul.

60 mins of slow vinyasa.
LIVE. Wednesdays @ 9:00am EST.

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Humans vibrating at their fullest!

“It was so nice to come back to your classes, really really amazing space. My legs are so grateful rn hahaha promise to be there as much as I can ✨ thank u, u're incredible teacher”

Maria Conchita R.

“Krys thanks sooo much for the class. Deeeliciosa ❤️”

Cecy M.

“This was so good! Thank you, thank you!”

Evie L.

“I’m feeling so good after a real yoga class. Thank you soooo much!”

Saira G.

“I only had half an hour today but uff even 30 min opens me up!”

Josephine B.

“Exactly what I needed. You're an excellent teacher.”

Arlene M.

“Class was wonderful. I wanted to move fast today and you slowed my ass down and allowed me to start my day with strength and focus.”

Stephanie M.

“Kristal's voice and direction are so soothing.”

Alexandria S.

“She’s made it so easy to stay on track and committed to show up for myself every week.”

Paula P.

“So lovely! Krystal has such a great and peaceful presence.”

Sarah W.

“At some point in the class my spine cracked into alignment.”

Klaudia M.

“I just want to give Krystal a BIG HUG through the compute. Her voice is that of an angel.”

Laura B.